Freaky-Fast Folio (7/31/20)

We conclude another fantastic week of the Freaky-Fast Folio with just over $1400 in gains. Current stock positions:

  • CHGG (5 shares)
  • DKNG (30 shares)
  • LVGO (5 shares)
  • CRWD (7 shares)
  • DDOG (10 shares)
  • NET (21 shares)
  • RDFN (17 shares)
  • QQQ (10 shares)
  • SPY (8 shares)
  • TMHC (30 shares)
  • TTGT (22 shares)
  • VIPS (32 shares)
  • MSFT (3 shares)
  • AAPL (3 shares)

Current options positions:

  • COST (Long Oct $340, short Aug $350)
  • F (Long Dec $7)
  • JD (Long Sep $70, short Aug $72)
  • PYPL (Long Sep $210, short Aug $220)
  • NTAP (Long Aug $55)
  • NVDA (Long Aug $500)
  • CGC (Long Oct $20)
  • DKNG (Long Aug $50)
  • GLD (Long Sept $175, short Aug $181)
  • MNST (Long Sept $80)
  • RDFN (Long Aug $50, short Aug $60)
  • XOM (Long Aug 52.5)
  • ZNGA (Long Aug $10)
  • I am also long a QQQ Aug $230 put, as limited protection, which was almost certainly a waste of a couple hundred bucks. But I slept more easily.

This is fairly representative of what I like to do. Even though I do a lot of my trading while at stop lights during a sandwich delivery, I still like to have a good number of positions at any given time. I would only recommend this if you have the ability to be a very nimble trader. I’ve been in most of these positions for more than a month, but I do lots of profit-taking on up days and buybacks on upside reversals. These sorts of things I won’t be able to update on this blog in real-time. I will post all new purchases by the end of the day in which I make them, and for the average person trying to start a portfolio, I would recommend picking 5-10 of the positions that make the most sense to you.


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