Freaky Fast Profits Portfolio (9/27/20)

So it turns out that when I started this blog, I didn’t take into account how much of my free time I spend studying football during football season. I will try to be more active than I have been lately. You haven’t missed much. We’re in a correction at the moment, and I am only in the positions which have held up well, a handful of options positions and some QQQs I bought when it bounced off the trendline below.

I am going to be out of the QQQs tomorrow. Either to use the money to buy new positions if we get a follow-through day tomorrow or some later point, or in anticipation of a market rollover. Tonight I will be searching through charts looking for the top leaders that have held up best in the market correction, looking for one or two to start new positions with if we do get that follow through.

For the month, we are down just over 3%. Current holdings include:

  • QQQ (until tomorrow)
  • DKNG (including through options)
  • TTGT
  • RDFN
  • AAPL
  • CRWD
  • MCD option
  • AKAM option
  • IWM option
  • LVS option
  • SAVE option
  • SPOT option

The MCD, AKAM and DKNG options are currently profitable. The others are pretty far out of the money but have plenty of time to become relevant if the bull market resumes.

Speaking of stocks that have held up well and look good if we get a big day tomorrow, don’t ignore our own DKNG, TTGT, RDFN, CRWD, AAPl or AKAM. Happy trading!

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