Two Words

Draft. Kings.

So I woke up this morning 5 minutes after the bell, and believe me, I was not ready to be awake. My Packers (I was raised with cheese on my head) and my Cardinals (I’ve been in Arizona for 20+ years now) both won in amazing fashion on Sunday, and I celebrated quite a bit, until late in the night. So I went downstairs, grabbed my phone, took it back to bed and looked at my stock chart app. Everything I owned was up, most of it quite a bit, except for DKNG and RDFN.

Now, DKNG and RDFN are probably my two best ideas this year. I talk about DKNG in 90% of my posts, and RDFN just goes up all the time without anyone noticing it. I remember having this thought… “Wow, that’s stupid.” So I bought a few shares of each, and put in orders to buy some more a dollar lower, and I peacefully went back to sleep.

A few minutes after I woke up again to get ready for work, I heard that DKNG had partnered with ESPN, a move that way more people should’ve seen coming. I few minutes later, I sold the shares I bought (or rather, I sold different shares in a different account, so that I can get around the day trading rule for small accounts) for a 15% profit. Stupid sell, but there’s a rule that says you need to sell something when a stock of yours goes up 15% in 5 minutes. Or at least there should be.

Have a nice day! We did.

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