Freaky Fast Profits Portfolio (9/3/20)

A rough day today as the Nasdaq dropped 5% just after I bought a few in the overnight session. I all, we dropped $1070 today, giving back almost everything we made the last two days.

Trades today:

  • Sold our QQQs
  • Sold our NET
  • Sold our TMHC
  • Added a couple shares of PYPL

We still have a lot of profit left in our remaining positions. Tomorrow will be about closing positions if we need to protect the portfolio, and trying to hold the top quality we own. I will not hesitate to sell everything before work if I’m not comfortable with the market, because I have no problem buying it all back Monday if that’s what is called for.

We did make about $300 in the QQQ put we have. Tomorrow I will likely sell a $260 strike put that expires next week against it. That’s all for tonight, happy trading!


  1. Absolutely. And that can affect the action tomorrow, no doubt. People are not typically anxious to step in and buy dips before a 3-day weekend. Although, today’s selloff was not news-based, it was technical. So it might be different.


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