Freaky Fast Profits Portfolio (9/2/20)

The King is dead, long live the King!

I speak of course, of DraftKings, which helped lead the Freaky Fast to a $610 day today, or nearly a 4% account value gain. DKNG gained 8% today, and with our oversized stock position, plus our November $50 call, we made more than $350 on that name alone. I’ve got to be brief, so I’ll just note our trades today:

  • Sold about 5% of my DKNG stock, as that position is just too big for my portfolio.
  • Sold my ARNC stock at a 2% loss.
  • Sold my AMD stock at a 6% gain.
  • Sold 10% of my TTGT at a 19% gain.
  • Added a super small 2% position in CWH because I wanted to follow it more closely.

That will do it for today, good night and happy trading!

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