Freaky Fast Profits Portfolio (8/13/20)

A pretty mellow day today, with gains of about a percent and a half. Draftkings (DKNG) surged into its earnings report, which we will be holding through. DPZ made a promising move that brought us back to even-ish on the options trade. The HD option trade keeps grinding higher (P+L graph below). Other than that, not much happened.

I added to my TTGT position. We’re up about 35% on that stock, but due to profit taking it had become a small position. Now it isn’t. I almost shorted ROKU around lunchtime, but it didn’t act as it looked like it was about to.

Long: AAPL, ADBE, CGC, CHGG, DKNG, DPZ, EBAY, F, HD, IWM, JD, LULU, MGM, MSFT, NET, NVDA, RDFN, TMHC, TTGT through either stocks or options

Short: Nothing

That’s all for today. Can I get a Brooklyn Nets win to put my Phoenix Suns in the play-in game, please?

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