Freaky Fast Profits Portfolio (8/12/20)

With the market flying higher today, we of course had an excellent bounce-back to the week, gaining nearly 4% to get back near even for this trading week. In addition, we had about a 13% gain in the portfolio I manage for fellow freaky fast delivery driver, Doug. Congrats, Doug! That portfolio holds only my options positions and Draftkings, and is doing quite well.

Back to the Freaky Fast Profits Portfolio, we sold nothing today except for about 12% of my position in NET, a profit-taking maneuver. I did buy back VIPS after selling most of my position yesterday. They switched their report date to August 19, and I wanted to be in it until then. It made a nice reversal off the 21-day ema today as well.

Big winners today were the options positions on NVDA and HD, and DKNG. Here are the P+L graphs for the options positions.

This trade cost us $146 and we currently have a triple on it. I’ll probably be watching it closely from here. Here’s NVDA.

NVDA cost us $216, and we have more than a double on that currently. It would be very, very nice if this could go up another 5% or so in the next two days. The chart sets up well for it to have a chance.

That’s all for tonight. Feel free to chime in with questions or comments below.

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