Purchases Today (CHGG, ZM, ADBE, DPZ, NFLX, HD). Maybe EBAY?

Sold LVGO for big profit on a down day. It is merging with TDOC and this was in the weekly plan to sell it before earnings. Also sold a portion of my TTGT position, which is also reporting today.

Added CHGG shares at 84.80

Added ZM at 274.51

Added ADBE at 449.92

Added DPZ Sep $430/Aug $430 call spread for $315

Added NFLX at 503.56

Added HD Sep $290 call for $196

Looking to add EBAY on a cross of this line, below.

Off to work.

Try the Bootlegger.

UPDATE: I did end up buying the EBAY Sep $60 call for $131.

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